When A Plan Comes Together

Marco Island, FL.  There are so many things going on for us at AGBT.  I have felt  overwhelmed by all my tasks here, from demonstrating the instrument that I’ve worked on for a year to helping our CTO with his presentation.  There has been MORE than enough to keep me (and dozens of colleagues) busy all week.  Today something really cool happened.   Actually two very cool things happened.  First, we unveiled the instrument.  As the instrument product manager, I was pretty proud as I watched our founder present.  Second, and even cooler to me, is that I got to do some photography for the company.   Not only that, I took the ONLY picture of the instrument in circulation.  It happened after a PR request late last night.  Between introducing the instrument at this morning’s demos, I had 10 minutes to set up and get a shot.  I’m so lucky that I am able to do stuff like this at work.  Last week, I also got to shoot some of our other products.  Even though its been completely unplanned, I can’t believe that I’ve been able to so easily combine what I do with what I love!

  • Thanks, man. I appreciate the feedback.

  • MGFaraday

    Indeed, it is a very good thing to have your hustle and your passion dove tail so well… Keep on snappin’

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