Over the years I’ve found that, when it comes to my photography, personal projects keep me most excited about shooting.  I can’t thank Bryan enough for asking me to join him on this recent shoot.  Hidad, our gracious subject on a recent Sunday afternoon, was interested in having some portraits done.  Bryan found a great space to capture him, and Hidad put up with “left…right…up…down…this way….no that way…I changed my mind, back the other way”  for over an hour.   On this shoot, I wanted to experiment with mixing flash with natural light.  Personal projects are like gold: I can experiment (with plenty of room to fail), I always learn something new, and my excitement for photography is reinvigorated every time.  And then I get to use my new tricks on client shoots.  I was so excited about these results that I scheduled my next personal project shoot as these images were downloading.  Stay tuned!





My nephew, Josh, and I took to London for the 2013 holiday season.  I was so thrilled to take him on his first trip to Europe.  He was (almost) as excited to be my on-call photographic subject for 10 days.  You can tell by his expression, right?  Let’s do it again, Josh!

















When I called Brandon, the first question I asked him was, “When you imagined your picture on the walls of your company, what did you see?”  One of the coolest things I get to do as a photographer is shoot portraits of the highest performers at a San Francisco company founded by a couple of classmates.  These portraits are meant to capture both the city of San Francisco and the personality of the award-winning subjects.  Beyond that…the canvas is blank, and we are free to explore.  Brandon saw himself on the field at Candlestick in its final year.  So at 8am on a recent Tuesday morning…we made it happen!  He was shocked.  And so was I.





Two weeks ago, I had the chance to travel to a friend’s wedding…in the Bahamas! On a cruise!  I’d never set foot in the Caribbean, nor had I ever been on a cruise.  (PSA: Turns out, a cruise is a great way to get quality time with co-travelers, because phones don’t work, TV is just ‘meh’, and internet access is WAY too expensive).  I loved spending the weekend with old(er) friends and meeting some hilarious new people on the groom’s side.  As an added comedic bonus, it was a Stanford-Berkeley wedding, complete with built-in trash talking (looking forward to Big Game, Bear nation).

Congratulations A & J, and thanks so much for having me.


















This year marks the 15th time I’ve attended the US Open.  It is, by far, my favorite sporting event.  I couldn’t love it more. There were lots of characters, old and new, that made this year’s Labor Day weekend as thrilling as ever. Here are some of the matches I took in and images I managed to bring home.


Federer was pushed to Armstrong by the rain…



…and, before a stunned capacity crowd, he was pushed right out of the tournament in 3 sets by Tommy Robredo.


Speaking of Tommy, the ageless Tommy Haas is still going strong.


Sabine Lisicki made quick work of her 3rd round opponent.




Serena vs Sloane started off with some fireworks, but didn’t quite live up to the hype.



The crowd is always a part of the picture at Flushing.


Donald Young was run off the court pretty easily this year….


…but he DID team up with 17-year-old giantkiller Victoria Duval (who defeated #3 Sam Stosur in the first round of womens’ singles) for mixed doubles.



Janko Tipsarevic and David Ferrer are always exciting to watch on the Grandstand.  This match took place at the same time as Federer was taking his beating, so I bounced back and forth to get these shots.  I’ll definitely shoot this perspective more often in years to come.  Love it.



Raquel Kops-Jones was sort of our mascot for this year.  We saw her play doubles and mixed doubles almost every day.  We saw her women’s team lose to the Williams sisters and her mixed team defeat Young and Duval.  Basically, we kinda stalked her when we saw her on the draw sheet.


Johnny Mac!!!  Rushing from the Nadal match on Ashe to call the Federer carnage on Armstrong.