Living in the Bay Area has lots of advantages, and shooting on the water in December is definitely one of them. Photographing Laura and Connor was so much fun. Connor has an incredible imagination and loved having his picture taken. And if this mother and son don’t look like twins, I need emergency Lasik.











On a recent Saturday, I spent my morning with Violet, the adorable daughter of Sam and Wendy.  Violet definitely knows what she likes.  On this particular day, we practiced getting Thomas the Train to shoot bubbles from his smokestack and perfecting the sand-to-water ratio for her castles.  She barely even noticed the camera.  It was perfect.  But Violet definitely knew just how to turn on the charm for the lens when she wanted to.  Thanks to Wendy and Sam for inviting me into their home and introducing me to their beautiful daughter!








  • Trevin

    These are amazing shots. Congratulations!

    btw, we have to get together and catch up!