Just Another January Day in San Francisco

This weekend, I had my first photography man-date of 2011.  Cibby, Harsh, and I took in the sunset overlooking the Pacific.  Sometimes we find lots to complain about out in San Francisco.  But then there are weekends like this one to remind us how ridiculous we must sound.

I’m making a rare appearance in the blog, courtesy of an image taken by Harsh Patel with my GF-1.  Since I had no pics of Harsh from the man-date, I figured I would give him a shout-out…by posting a pic of myself.  Suspect.

  • Such handsome men! And the images are spectacular. Well done.

    (Although I have to agree with Maurice – you complain about San Francisco?? Dude. Never move to Houston.)


  • Heather

    FAB pics… we were at ocean beach yesterday too. SF ruleZ.

  • Tamiko

    Lovely, Dana! And I need those sneakers. 😉

  • Maurice

    Nice, guys. Jealous. As usual.

    What do you complain about in SF? The parking??

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