Heavy Metal

I am so excited about this print!  A few weeks ago, I was asked to create a print for a client who was doing some home redecorating.  They wanted a very large print of an image from my collection and decided on image of star trails that I’d shot a couple of years ago in Lake Tahoe.  The original image can be seen here.  The image is an hour-long exposure looking up as the earth rotates and stars make trails across the night sky.  As you can see, the print is huge (literally, the only reason I’m in the picture is to provide a sense of scale).  Five feet tall, actually.  And 40 inches wide.  And on METAL: That is the best part!  The print is on aluminum, which gives it incredible visual appeal.  Prints on metal take on this luminescent quality that can only be fully appreciated in person, in my opinion.  The colors seem more brilliant and vibrant.  It’s almost like the prints become somewhere between 2D and 3D.  I also love that the print comes ready to hang!  I would love to make more metallic prints for anyone who wants one…but I might have to get myself one first!!!  If you’re also curious, drop me a line.



  • Johanne Auerbock

    All right – details are needed: where did you order it from, and which option did you choose? This looks amazing!

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