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In October, I had an image published in Digital Camera Magazine!  The mag, based in the UK, is actually my favorite photography magazine of the dozen or so titles that constantly litter the floor of my office.  The image is of a pretty well-hidden stained glass window along the High Line park in Manhattan.  Someday I may print it very large and hang it in my office.  But for now I’ll just enjoy it on page 14 of Issue 104.  It can be seen in the original gallery here.

  • Jackie Statum

    Congrats on getting published. I love viewing your photos; I’m glad many others have had a chance to see your work as well.

  • Demet

    Congratulations! How did you choose which of your thousands of photos to submit to the magazine?

  • Congratulations Dana!

  • Fantastic news — congratulations, well done! :)


  • Being an old school photographer that goes way back before digital was even a possibility on anyone’s mind, I find your photography wonderful and refreshing. So often the photography being produced today is just about what can I do with it after I’ve snapped some picture. You have an excellent mix of pre-visualization with enough digital post to add a wow factor without it becoming the whole purpose of the image. I love your work!

  • Ali

    I love these – ESP. The NYC street shot. Bio , machine, concrete all ensnarled w colors and heat. Really good.

Sarah and I met at SFO on the way to Europe.  In 2006.  And we haven’t seen one another since.  Small world coincidences worked their magic, and she asked me to take some photos of her this weekend, which I was more than happy to do!   The shoot basically amounted to our first (and only, I suppose) in-person catch-up session.  The weather was typically summery for San Francisco….blustery, 60’s, and foggy.  But we still had lots fun.  And who knows, we might hang out again before another 4 years passes.


It’s HOT in New York!  But so much fun.  From High Lines to Jersey BBQ’s to Broadway shows to Brooklyn butterflies, I feel like I got more than my money’s worth over the holiday weekend in the Big Apple.

  • Kathy Chappell

    Looking for inspiration for a big client tomorrow to do headshots and I searched for your site….so glad I found it again….FANTASTIC work you have, I just had to say!!!! It totally inpires me! I’m ready to shoot now. Not that it will look THIS good, but it makes me ready to try :) Beautiful work Dana. You have a girl, I’m happily married, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I would LOVE to meet you and talk photography one day…that would be the coolest!