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My first trip to Berlin took place over Thanksgiving. Gavin (a friend for the last 20 years, Northwestern classmate, and Brooklyn roommate) and his family showed me a great time…which basically meant that we hung out at his incredible office (SoundCloud; not pictured), walked the frigid streets of Berlin, sat in his neighborhood cafe, had a great time playing with his kids…and CHRISTMAS MARKETS. Man, I love a Christmas Market.













Brandenburg Gate, Brooklyn-style



This weekend we traveled to the east coast with extremely heavy hearts to celebrate the lives of a good friend, Tanji, and her son, Evan.  Tanji was a great woman and an even more incredible mother.  She could bring people together like very few I’ve ever met.  Yesterday was no exception, as hundreds of us gathered in her honor.  Though we mourned, we did it together, remembering how fortunate we were to have had Tanji and Evan in our lives.  One of my aunts recently said to me, “People want you there for the good times, but need you there for the bad times.”  We needed one another yesterday.   But it was also a great chance to appreciate and nourish lifelong friendships.  On Saturday, we spent a beautiful afternoon with some of my closest friend in the world.  Just being together.  We ate, we talked, we remembered Tanji.  And we even found a way to laugh between the tears.














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Two weeks ago, I had the chance to travel to a friend’s wedding…in the Bahamas! On a cruise!  I’d never set foot in the Caribbean, nor had I ever been on a cruise.  (PSA: Turns out, a cruise is a great way to get quality time with co-travelers, because phones don’t work, TV is just ‘meh’, and internet access is WAY too expensive).  I loved spending the weekend with old(er) friends and meeting some hilarious new people on the groom’s side.  As an added comedic bonus, it was a Stanford-Berkeley wedding, complete with built-in trash talking (looking forward to Big Game, Bear nation).

Congratulations A & J, and thanks so much for having me.