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There really isn’t very much I can add beyond what’s conveyed in my smile in the last picture. I never would have imagined that I would get another chance to photograph Barack Obama. The first time was on August 17th, 2008. On that day, I was doing only my second professional photo shoot, sweating through three layers of clothing, and more focused on giving then-Senator Obama a direct order than securing a picture with the candidate (mission accomplished on the barking orders thing, in case you were wondering). But no picture in ’08.¬†Here’s to waiting 7.5 years to undo the results of ridiculously poor judgment: this time…”I need you to take a couple steps back, Mr President”…AND a picture. Shout out to moms for earnestly imploring me to get a photo this time around.













  • Danielle


    The warmth in these photos made me think of King –> Obama’s ‘arc of the moral universe….’ invocation. I clearly needed the encouragement today, cause …. POTUS45 is CRAY

    Beautiful shots.