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After two weeks of locomotion across frosty Switzerland and Italy, these pics are what we have to show for it.  A great trip, and well worth the cold I got along the way.  This is also the first time I’m posting images from the Panasonic GF-1 that I used on the mountain.  The pics of the Matterhorn, among others, were taken with the GF-1.  GREAT quality in a relatively compact body.  Love it.































  • […] Digital Camera magazine published another of my images this month.  It’s an image taken from my last big vacation.  We went snowboarding (Serene skied…poor thing) in Zermatt, Switzerland.  What a fantastic trip.  If you want to relive it as much as I do, click here to see my full post from the trip. […]

  • steph

    holy amazing eye of talent, dana. finally got to these… love love love them. every one is beautiful. and everyone is beautiful. my faves are 4, 6, 16, 22, and of course 37.

  • over the top GORGEOUS!!!

  • Demet

    Beautiful photos!!!

I was able to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday and had a chance to see a bunch of family.   My niece Jordan, who I thought was actually shy…is NOT!  She never got tired of posing for the camera, losing to me at thumb wrestling, or being the only clue-giver in charades.  It was great to see my uncle Kenneth, who is 60 but looks all of 45.  And my grandparents reminded me that they met when they were just weeks old (they were neighbors).   I think they can count the time that they’ve been apart in their entire lives in months.  I also finally built in some extra time during the drive to my mom’s house to photograph some of the great scenery along the way.  As sleepy as the town of Deale, MD is, it can also be absolutely beautiful.


Uncle Kenneth & Jordan

Jordan struggled to keep the camera/grip/flash steady and got a pretty nice shot in the process.

Granddad, still as sharp as a tack.  We can always count on him to stay out on the porch until we turn the corner onto Gwynns Falls.  I love that he has all the signs of a grandfather: belt + suspenders, zip-up sweater, eyeglasses in the shirt pocket (and a cell phone).

  • I love this man….

  • Georgette Varner-Haynes

    Awesome, Dana. Love this!

As difficult as it feels sometimes, I’m learning that there is a lot of value in being seen, known, and understood…its the whole being open part that I find so challenging.  This image of the wife of a close friend (taken at a recent wedding) is a friendly reminder of that.  When Beatrice pays attention, she seems to look into you…and always with love.  True friends always care about how you’re doing…and somehow manage to never judge.

  • Akintayo Adewole

    That image gave me wonderful chills… beautiful picture and words… thank you, thank you, thank you… can’t wait to show Bea.

  • Thank you, Bridget. I am lucky enough to be surrounded constantly by great people.

  • Mary, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m really glad that you enjoy the images and definitely appreciate your feedback. Good luck settling down after what sounds like a fabulous trip to Asia.

  • Wow. I’ve been scrolling through all of your posts here and I find your pictures absolutely stunning.

    Looking at your pictures makes me want to pick up my camera right now. Thanks for the motivation!

    All the best, Mary

  • This picture makes it so easy to see that your words are true. She pays deep loving attention. Wow! She’s great. It must be really nice to be appreciated by you, too.

We were pretty excited about this weekend on the mountain.  Especially when we got upgraded to an awesome 2BR suite upon arrival Friday night.  Of course we made some time to goof around in the suite between long days on the mountain.  The snow was ok too, although there were a few runs in whiteout blizzard conditions (not caught on camera).  On the drive back to Vancouver, we were lucky enough to catch an incredible sunset…just moments before our Avis rental car decided to stop running, stranding us for 2 hours.  A  great weekend overall.   So glad I brought the lighting gear.  And nobody is a more patient and willing subject than Serene.  As you can see, she is always putting up with (and sometimes contributing to) all my crazy ideas and really makes the images better.