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Plan? For what? Not a single hotel was booked. No tourist attractions were researched. Destinations uncertain. Just 5 days and south on 95.

Charlottesville was the first stop, mostly because I was tired. A quick, damp tour of UVA’s campus reminded me of my last visit, nearly 25 years ago. North Carolina was *completely* skipped…even on the way back…and Charleston (and all 82 of its Fahrenheit degrees) was second on the list. Much of my family is from its outskirts, and taking in the sanitized southern charm of Charleston’s historic district always creates conflicting emotions. One of the positives: the food. We finally got as far south as Savannah, and if I had nothing to get home to, I might still be there photographing oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. Beautiful. But the most memorable part of the trip was rediscovering why road trips can be so great: hours and hours in a car without worrying about where you need to get to next = fantastic bonding time.


Wormsloe Historic Site (formerly Wormsloe Plantation), Savannah, GA. The family who owned these 822 acres still lives in a private area of the grounds in a home that site guides still refer to as “the big house.”


Charleston Old Slave Mart Museum – Former marketplace for auctioning slaves.


Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church






The Lawn – University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA






DSLR Selfie



Prior to visiting Idaho for the first time, if anyone had ever told me that I would love it there…year round…I would have called them nuts.  I’ve been visiting Idaho for a few years now and it keeps getting better.  We just returned from a few days in Boise and McCall and I’m already looking forward to going back!  It doesn’t hurt that I experienced a few photographic firsts on this trip: my first bald eagle, my first hummingbird, and my first overnight shoot.  But as you’ll see, Oliver (Serene’s nephew), stole the show. Many thanks to Serene’s family for planning such a great trip and inviting me to join them!


























Shauna is all about fitness. And hip-hop. And UnderArmourWomen. And Stanford. But mostly fitness. She and I have collaborated before, and its always led to some of my favorite work. When I saw this space, I knew right away that I’d want to photograph Shauna here. So last weekend she brought the energy, the poses, the TRX, the pull-ups, and, as always, plenty of gear from her sponsor, Under Armour. I showed up with a camera.

Shauna, thanks for doing one more handstand just so I can get the perfect shot.  And for being such a great friend.














This weekend we traveled to the east coast with extremely heavy hearts to celebrate the lives of a good friend, Tanji, and her son, Evan.  Tanji was a great woman and an even more incredible mother.  She could bring people together like very few I’ve ever met.  Yesterday was no exception, as hundreds of us gathered in her honor.  Though we mourned, we did it together, remembering how fortunate we were to have had Tanji and Evan in our lives.  One of my aunts recently said to me, “People want you there for the good times, but need you there for the bad times.”  We needed one another yesterday.   But it was also a great chance to appreciate and nourish lifelong friendships.  On Saturday, we spent a beautiful afternoon with some of my closest friend in the world.  Just being together.  We ate, we talked, we remembered Tanji.  And we even found a way to laugh between the tears.














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