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We were pretty excited about this weekend on the mountain.  Especially when we got upgraded to an awesome 2BR suite upon arrival Friday night.  Of course we made some time to goof around in the suite between long days on the mountain.  The snow was ok too, although there were a few runs in whiteout blizzard conditions (not caught on camera).  On the drive back to Vancouver, we were lucky enough to catch an incredible sunset…just moments before our Avis rental car decided to stop running, stranding us for 2 hours.  A  great weekend overall.   So glad I brought the lighting gear.  And nobody is a more patient and willing subject than Serene.  As you can see, she is always putting up with (and sometimes contributing to) all my crazy ideas and really makes the images better.


Another photographic adventure this weekend. In true obsessive fashion, I brought my new light stand/umbrella combo to Boise. Yesterday, we went out into the same fields we visited last summer to take some dusk shots with the new gear. Then today, we took a drive out to an abandoned, rusted-out car to get some more sunset shots. Well worth it. The gear worked great. Especially the gorillapod. I have to give Natalie and Greg a special shout-out for that one. Thanks, guys. One downside to trying out new gear…it makes me crave even more new gear. A cruel cycle that never fails.

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    I love this shoot! Really nice work (and Serene looks great as always). HP

I haven’t decided what I want to make of this new blog.  Sometimes I think it should be a home for random thoughts, accompanied by pictures, but at other times I wonder whether confining it to professional shooting would be best.  For now, I’m just going to keep it as general as possible.  Speaking of being conflicted, I am definitely experiencing a little identity crisis about work.  It is getting to be an amazing amount of incredibly interesting work, but the emphasis belongs to its ridiculous volume instead of its engaging nature.  There seems to be lots of opportunity for me to take on a bunch more responsibility, but I am not sure about embracing that.  All kinds of pluses and minuses and no answers.  It reminds me of what a friend said once: “Do you want your ease now or do you want it later?”  Yes.