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Sometimes the most fun shoots are just spontaneous.  Shauna, in addition to being a PhD, a hip-hop lover, and an Under Armor-sponsored health and fitness expert, is a good friend of mine.  We went up to San Francisco looking for some cool art to shoot in front of and we found it on Bryant Street.  Shauna spent two hours exhausting herself so that I could take a few pics.  Along the way, we befriended the FedEx guy, got advice from a stranger who insisted that I had no idea what I was doing, and were encouraged to “F*** Ansel; be the Malcolm X of photography!”  Uhh….I’ll do my best?  Thanks for being a great sport, Shauna.  And for doing your best to make the rest of us look like slackers.  Knowing how sore you were the next day somehow makes me feel like I got a little exercise by association.  If only it could be so easy.


















  • […] And Stanford. But mostly fitness. She and I have collaborated before, and its always led to some of my favorite work. When I saw this space, I knew right away that I’d want to photograph Shauna here. So last […]

  • Lea

    Wow!!! Amazing shots! Amazing asanas!!! What a great team effort! Are you submitting these to Yogo Journal?

Maybe toasting a bagel & opening yogurt doesn’t count as babysitting…but if its always this much fun, sign me up for every Saturday.  I love spending time with these guys.  And it had been way too long.  Heather and Ace, thank you so much for having me over to hang out with the clan.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next time!






















20 years since Jon Theodore and I have seen one another.  Since we were classmates at Gilman School in Baltimore.  In the meantime, he’s become an acclaimed drummer, first for The Mars Volta, now with One Day As A Lion, a collaboration with Zack de la Rocha (click here to check out “Wild International”, one of my favorite ODAAL songs).  After his most recent tour, we were able to catch up in the Haight.  Good times!