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After sharing an office with Donna throughout her pregnancy, I was so excited to finally get to meet the adorable Alden.  He clearly loves the camera, and it loves him right back.












Spending time with Amanda, Paul, and their two sons wasn’t just a great time on a beautiful day. It was also a high school reunion! Amanda and I went to brother and sister high schools, and we had seen one another exactly once in the last 20 years (even though we’ve lived within 30 miles of one another for most of that time). Thanks to Paul and Amanda for introducing us to their two adorable boys and for their wonderful hospitality.














On a recent Saturday, I spent my morning with Violet, the adorable daughter of Sam and Wendy.  Violet definitely knows what she likes.  On this particular day, we practiced getting Thomas the Train to shoot bubbles from his smokestack and perfecting the sand-to-water ratio for her castles.  She barely even noticed the camera.  It was perfect.  But Violet definitely knew just how to turn on the charm for the lens when she wanted to.  Thanks to Wendy and Sam for inviting me into their home and introducing me to their beautiful daughter!








  • Trevin

    These are amazing shots. Congratulations!

    btw, we have to get together and catch up!


Caren and her husband, Evan, brought the family west for an early fall break.   We all met up at the Stanford Quad and romped around like we owned the place.













  • Caren

    Thanks, Dana, for your beautiful photography!! We’ll treasure these pictures for decades to come.