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I was lucky enough to meet and photograph this BEAUTIFUL little girl over the weekend!  Leila Louise is clearly adorable and one of the most patient 10-month olds I’ve ever met.  Thanks to Lolomi and Dennis for inviting me down to San Jose to capture these images and for being so cool during the shoot.  What made this shoot even cooler is that Lolomi is a longtime friend.  It’s a real treat to see her building a wonderful family of her own.  See you soon, Leila!

  • Johanne

    This kid is so cute – and so well captured here!

This weekend I visited family back home in Maryland.  Jordan, my niece (age 8), performed in the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D.C.   Unfortunately its not pictured here…I missed her performance by 5 minutes.  But I was able to spend a lot of time with the kids (part of which included Serene and I chasing them around the yard with a camera and an umbrella-mounted flash), my sister Nicole, and my brother-in-law Troy.  It’s also a real shame that I didn’t capture the faces of the losing team after a NameBurst showdown.  The ladies (Mom, Nicole, Serene, and Jordan) suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the guys (Karl, Troy, Joshua, and me).  It wasn’t pretty.



  • Slewis

    I love the split images centered around the tree.

  • Dana! I love these shots! Youve done an excellent job capturing the personality of these kids- I feel like I am there with you. Keep up the great work