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I was able to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday and had a chance to see a bunch of family.   My niece Jordan, who I thought was actually shy…is NOT!  She never got tired of posing for the camera, losing to me at thumb wrestling, or being the only clue-giver in charades.  It was great to see my uncle Kenneth, who is 60 but looks all of 45.  And my grandparents reminded me that they met when they were just weeks old (they were neighbors).   I think they can count the time that they’ve been apart in their entire lives in months.  I also finally built in some extra time during the drive to my mom’s house to photograph some of the great scenery along the way.  As sleepy as the town of Deale, MD is, it can also be absolutely beautiful.


Uncle Kenneth & Jordan

Jordan struggled to keep the camera/grip/flash steady and got a pretty nice shot in the process.

Granddad, still as sharp as a tack.  We can always count on him to stay out on the porch until we turn the corner onto Gwynns Falls.  I love that he has all the signs of a grandfather: belt + suspenders, zip-up sweater, eyeglasses in the shirt pocket (and a cell phone).

  • I love this man….

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    Awesome, Dana. Love this!

I should have known when I was greeted at the door by two little boys who immediately introduced themselves (with their full names)…and then grabbed my hand to lead me on a tour of  their home…that Sunday morning was going to be great.  We played Memory, built a home inside the home with couch cushions, went deer-watching, dressed up for Halloween, and danced in a deluge (ok, they danced while I took pictures).  Even the pouring rain was just another play thing for these two beautiful kids.  Very special thanks to Jon and Dayna for inviting me into their home to capture some images of their boys.


Three-month-old Bridget recently traveled from San Francisco to New York for an extended visit with family (accompanied by mom and dad, of course).   It was the first time Bridget met her big cousin, Nicholas, and a great opportunity for some family pictures.  Nicholas had just started walking one week before and absolutely loves the camera…and not just posing for it.  Perfect weather and a beautiful beach provided a gorgeous setting.  Sarah and Eric, thanks for letting me be a part of your day.


Last weekend, during a trip to Boston, we got a chance to drive out to Reading, MA to spend an afternoon with Caren and her family.  Caren is a good friend from business school, and I had never met her husband, Evan, or her children.   They were as fantastic as Caren, and I documented the good times with a few images.  Naturally.


Malaya came out dressed to support from head to toe for San Francisco’s Gay Pride parade.  After a morning of marching, she made time in her busy schedule to meet up for lunch.  With mommy Heather.   She looks more like mommy every day (see final pic).