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Maybe toasting a bagel & opening yogurt doesn’t count as babysitting…but if its always this much fun, sign me up for every Saturday.  I love spending time with these guys.  And it had been way too long.  Heather and Ace, thank you so much for having me over to hang out with the clan.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next time!






















Photographing former classmates is one of the coolest ways to keep up with friends.  Lindsay and Tom invited me over for a little breakfast and some fun photo time.  Of course I got to meet the two newest additions to the family and here are some of my favorites from our visit. Thanks for a great day, you two!










To celebrate the holiday, I decided to shoot today entirely using a technique that I’d never tried: freelensing.  It’s basically shooting without the lens physically attached to the camera.  Instead, the lens is held close to the lens mount, tilted, manually focused, and, in my case, prayed over…all in hopes of getting something interesting.  The effect is somewhat similar to what can be done with a tilt shift lens: the focal plane can be manipulated all over the frame (and even back and forth in the Z-dimension) depending on how the lens is held and focused.  So far I would describe the technique as “impossible.”  But I did like a few images from today, including a couple of rare shots of my sister.  All images were taken with a 50mm lens wide open at f/1.4.


I love this image, because its CRAZY to shoot at f/1.4, from this close, and have both her chin AND her eyelashes in focus.  Awesome.

This image was actually taken the “normal” way, with the lens attached.  But I always love images of my niece, so it somehow found it way into this post:-)

  • nice work. last two are particularly awesome.

Even before they were the Doroguskers, I loved the Doroguskers!  I think this year’s holiday shoot may have been even more fun for me than for them.  Either way, we ALL loved the result.
















  • Al

    Dana you are an artist. You truly capture the soul of the subject. Thank you.