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I am so excited about this print!  A few weeks ago, I was asked to create a print for a client who was doing some home redecorating.  They wanted a very large print of an image from my collection and decided on image of star trails that I’d shot a couple of years ago in Lake Tahoe.  The original image can be seen here.  The image is an hour-long exposure looking up as the earth rotates and stars make trails across the night sky.  As you can see, the print is huge (literally, the only reason I’m in the picture is to provide a sense of scale).  Five feet tall, actually.  And 40 inches wide.  And on METAL: That is the best part!  The print is on aluminum, which gives it incredible visual appeal.  Prints on metal take on this luminescent quality that can only be fully appreciated in person, in my opinion.  The colors seem more brilliant and vibrant.  It’s almost like the prints become somewhere between 2D and 3D.  I also love that the print comes ready to hang!  I would love to make more metallic prints for anyone who wants one…but I might have to get myself one first!!!  If you’re also curious, drop me a line.



  • Johanne Auerbock

    All right – details are needed: where did you order it from, and which option did you choose? This looks amazing!

  • Hey Dana I found your site on the “Tell Us About Yourself” post on DPS. I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that you have some pretty awesome pictures here I love this sign I think it’s hilarious. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday! I’ll try and check back on occasion to see what else you come up with! :)

  • Stephanie

    lol! lululemonluvit.

  • This is in my home state of Maryland.

  • Arianna

    this is awesome. where is it?

I have done a lot of prints for clients over the past couple years, but it has been about that long since I bought a print to hang on my walls.  This week, I received a big one.  On a canvas that is 30″ wide and 45″ tall (the image below shows the print sitting in my office chair).   A picture of a picture can’t ever do justice, but the original image can be seen in a recent post on my trip to Zermatt.  And it came from a compact camera: the Panasonic GF-1.  You may have seen or heard me raving about this camera before.  I do love it.  I can take it just about anywhere without needing a neck massage at the end of the day, its low light capability is amazing for a camera of its size (thanks to a very large sensor and a super fast lens), the images I got are nearly as good as what my DSLR could produce, and it has a great feel.  But a very important final test for me was how it stood up to large printing.  I couldn’t be more pleased.


Maryland isn’t exactly a big state.  But when I went home to visit my parents last weekend, my mom and I ended up somewhere that I hadn’t even heard of.  Annmarie Sculpture Gardens in Dowell, MD was our first stop.   Dowell?  Anyone?  Anyone?  The grounds were beautiful and dotted with some REALLY cool pieces.  Somehow I managed to thread the needle between blizzards this weekend, so the weather turned out great, even if it was a little cold for a soft Californian.   Afterward, we kept going south to Solomons, MD, a town so narrow that I could see water within a stone’s throw on each side.  Solomons offered up some great light and a couple of really cool shots (including the seagull, one of my favorite serendipitous shots in a while).

This sculpture is one of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen.  These three cubes rotate in the wind.  Each side of each cube is actually flat, gray metal that has been polished with an abrasive to give it a texture.  At the right time of day, as the sun sets it hits a red building that is over my right shoulder.  The streaks of light come from the sun reflecting off of the building’s second story windows.  The red hue comes from the sun’s reflection off of the red wall.  But it only happens when the cube has rotated into the right position.  Amazing.

  • Anita Pomerantz

    Gilman posted a link to your blog, and I found my way over here . . .just had to comment on how GORGEOUS your photos are. I love the last one on this post so so much, but they are all breathtaking. Wow!!!!

    I’m a new parent at Gilman (we just moved here) with two boys enrolled so I also enjoyed the post on that topic ;). But your photos – – just breathtaking.