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I cant say enough about how incredible this city is.  Click here for the full set of images.



















  • Amazing…. Wonderful photos. I would like to visit Istanbul.

  • […] * This Instagram paradoy is hi-lar-ious. * Check out my friend and fellow photog Dana’s pictures of Instanbul (as it was to Constantinople . . .  anyone?  get it?). * I just love the high fashion weddings […]

I recently had a chance to do one of my favorite things in the world: I went to a new location with just my camera, my ipod, no crowds, and plenty of time. That location was the rooftop of a 14 story building in downtown LA. And here is what I saw.













This weekend officially marks the end of another year of photography. I moved my 36,000 images shot last year to the archives and made room for the 2012’s. But I absolutely love exploring the past 12 months and sharing some of the images that I really liked, but didn’t manage to share at the time. So, here is the product of a quick glance at some of my favorite images from 2011 that you never saw. Thanks for visiting!




















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