Yearly Archives: 2014

I spent a recent Saturday afternoon trying to keep up with these guys on swings, sliding boards, and scooters…I didn’t come close.  But it was a great way to spend a perfect afternoon.  Tricia and Jack, thank you for inviting me along for the ride!














3 cities.  3 days.  3 baseball games.  Just like last year.  Except this time around Jesse D, Jesse J, and I made the trip to Philly, my hometown of Baltimore, and our nation’s capital (ok, I didn’t actually make it to Philly, but the other guys did).  Although we’ve graduated from playing doubleheaders every Saturday to complaining about the heat in the stands, its just as much fun.  Especially when the O’s get the W.


It seems like whether we connect in person or on the phone, my dad and I inevitably end up in some sort of IT session for our personal electronics (in other words, I come by it honestly).  I’m so thankful that he and I had time together today, and that my grandfather let us occupy him all afternoon.