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This weekend we traveled to the east coast with extremely heavy hearts to celebrate the lives of a good friend, Tanji, and her son, Evan.  Tanji was a great woman and an even more incredible mother.  She could bring people together like very few I’ve ever met.  Yesterday was no exception, as hundreds of us gathered in her honor.  Though we mourned, we did it together, remembering how fortunate we were to have had Tanji and Evan in our lives.  One of my aunts recently said to me, “People want you there for the good times, but need you there for the bad times.”  We needed one another yesterday.   But it was also a great chance to appreciate and nourish lifelong friendships.  On Saturday, we spent a beautiful afternoon with some of my closest friend in the world.  Just being together.  We ate, we talked, we remembered Tanji.  And we even found a way to laugh between the tears.














  • Vaughn

    Thank You

Over the years I’ve found that, when it comes to my photography, personal projects keep me most excited about shooting.  I can’t thank Bryan enough for asking me to join him on this recent shoot.  Hidad, our gracious subject on a recent Sunday afternoon, was interested in having some portraits done.  Bryan found a great space to capture him, and Hidad put up with “left…right…up…down…this way….no that way…I changed my mind, back the other way”  for over an hour.   On this shoot, I wanted to experiment with mixing flash with natural light.  Personal projects are like gold: I can experiment (with plenty of room to fail), I always learn something new, and my excitement for photography is reinvigorated every time.  And then I get to use my new tricks on client shoots.  I was so excited about these results that I scheduled my next personal project shoot as these images were downloading.  Stay tuned!




My nephew, Josh, and I took to London for the 2013 holiday season.  I was so thrilled to take him on his first trip to Europe.  He was (almost) as excited to be my on-call photographic subject for 10 days.  You can tell by his expression, right?  Let’s do it again, Josh!