Monthly Archives: August 2011

I have always liked celebrating my birthday with a little travel.  This year’s destination was Portland, Oregon.  Serene planned a great weekend and wow, what a great town!  Gorge-ous sights, some of the friendliest folks west of Minneapolis, great food (Pine State Biscuits is amazing…the soundtrack is even better than the food!), and unforgettable signs.  Signs??  Yes, signs.  I cannot imagine why I wouldn’t visit at least once a year.  Loved it.













Michele and I hadn’t seen one another in over a year, and we finally found time to get together this weekend.  Who knows when I’ll see her again (read “I HAD to bring my camera!”)?  Lucky for us we got a table near a window with some awesome light.  Dinner was great, but not nearly as good as the chocolate shakes!





Serene had never been to Huddart Park, and I hadn’t been in at least 7 years (which is almost like never having gone), so we decided to check it out yesterday afternoon.  Grabbing my camera bag was kind of an afterthought.  Really happy that I did.  Our 6pm walk was full of two things: bloodthirsty mosquitoes and some amazing light.  Here are a couple of my favorite shots of the day.