Monthly Archives: May 2011

Hello, Sébastien!  Sébastien and I finally met while he was celebrating his 13th week.  I helped him and his entourage, mommy Heather and daddy Chris, ring in the milestone with a few portraits.  Sébastien (his friends call him Seabass) is already just as cool as his parents and, as you can tell, beautiful. The eyes have it!  Thanks Heather, Chris, and EPGB for letting me spend some time with the newest member of the family.










One of the great unforeseen benefits of Serene’s blog, What to Wear Running, is that she gets to try out and review running gear.  Puma was gracious enough to ask her to test drive their latest, so we took advantage of some perfect weather and did a run/shoot/review in the foothills.  What else would we do on a Saturday afternoon?  Puma also very generously included a full outfit and shoes for me.  The shoes, Puma Faas 300’s, are the absolute lightest things that I’ve ever worn.  3.5 ounces each.  Ridiculous.  And trust me when I say that my gear is even more colorful (and coordinated) than hers, but you’ll have to check out her blog to see it in all its glory.







Rounding out my recent Moab, Utah workshop with Tyler Stableford was a day in Arches National Park.  I had been there once before, but that was before photography took over my life.  Utah is my absolute favorite place to be outdoors, and places like Arches are exactly why.  Southeast Utah looks like another planet.  Or at least my imaginings of other planets.  It’s stunning.  We climbed up, around, and through arches in the park…and if a picture wasn’t on the other end of some of those hikes, there is no WAY you could get me to risk my neck and my gear.  Very special thanks to Tyler and his assistant, Draper White, for all their expert advice and assistance.  And a very special thanks to our model for putting up with us during a very long day.












Tyler kids around about how he has no pictures of himself, but I don’t think its a joke.  I decided to try to do my part by sharing a portrait of him perched inside one of the arches.