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Maryland isn’t exactly a big state.  But when I went home to visit my parents last weekend, my mom and I ended up somewhere that I hadn’t even heard of.  Annmarie Sculpture Gardens in Dowell, MD was our first stop.   Dowell?  Anyone?  Anyone?  The grounds were beautiful and dotted with some REALLY cool pieces.  Somehow I managed to thread the needle between blizzards this weekend, so the weather turned out great, even if it was a little cold for a soft Californian.   Afterward, we kept going south to Solomons, MD, a town so narrow that I could see water within a stone’s throw on each side.  Solomons offered up some great light and a couple of really cool shots (including the seagull, one of my favorite serendipitous shots in a while).

This sculpture is one of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen.  These three cubes rotate in the wind.  Each side of each cube is actually flat, gray metal that has been polished with an abrasive to give it a texture.  At the right time of day, as the sun sets it hits a red building that is over my right shoulder.  The streaks of light come from the sun reflecting off of the building’s second story windows.  The red hue comes from the sun’s reflection off of the red wall.  But it only happens when the cube has rotated into the right position.  Amazing.

  • Anita Pomerantz

    Gilman posted a link to your blog, and I found my way over here . . .just had to comment on how GORGEOUS your photos are. I love the last one on this post so so much, but they are all breathtaking. Wow!!!!

    I’m a new parent at Gilman (we just moved here) with two boys enrolled so I also enjoyed the post on that topic ;). But your photos – – just breathtaking.

One of the best things that happened to me as a child was being sent to Gilman School.  Outside of my parents, Gilman laid the foundation for my life to this point, and the further I get from my time there, the closer I feel to the place.  Maybe I just appreciate it more as I get older.  So I was really so excited to attend its San Francisco alumni event last week.  A few fellow alums and I grabbed dinner after the event.  Tim Holley came along.  Mr Holley, as he will always be known to me, is on the left.  He is also a Gilman alum and has been a teacher there for nearly three decades (he’s not really aging).   I also wrote about him last year when I went by the school for a drop-in visit.  He taught each of us African American Literature.  He coached each of us in baseball or basketball.  And he still cares very much about what and how we are doing today.  Sitting at dinner, catching one another up on the guys who weren’t present, listening to Mr. Holley’s remembrances of  less mature versions of ourselves, I kept thinking about how fortunate we were to have teachers like him.  I wish every child had a Mr. Holley at school.  And a Gilman.

This weekend, I had my first photography man-date of 2011.  Cibby, Harsh, and I took in the sunset overlooking the Pacific.  Sometimes we find lots to complain about out in San Francisco.  But then there are weekends like this one to remind us how ridiculous we must sound.

I’m making a rare appearance in the blog, courtesy of an image taken by Harsh Patel with my GF-1.  Since I had no pics of Harsh from the man-date, I figured I would give him a shout-out…by posting a pic of myself.  Suspect.

  • Such handsome men! And the images are spectacular. Well done.

    (Although I have to agree with Maurice – you complain about San Francisco?? Dude. Never move to Houston.)


  • Heather

    FAB pics… we were at ocean beach yesterday too. SF ruleZ.

  • Tamiko

    Lovely, Dana! And I need those sneakers. 😉

  • Maurice

    Nice, guys. Jealous. As usual.

    What do you complain about in SF? The parking??

As I was putting the lid on last year’s image library (which basically means I was moving the files off my computer to my 3 backup locations), I came across lots of images that I really love but hadn’t shared.  Let’s face it, when you take 40,000 images a year, not even a loving mother will sit through them all.  But here are 20 moments from 2010 that caught my eye the second time around.


  • Tanji Dewberry

    Trying to figure out where my pic was?! Didn’t I see you in 2010????

After two weeks of locomotion across frosty Switzerland and Italy, these pics are what we have to show for it.  A great trip, and well worth the cold I got along the way.  This is also the first time I’m posting images from the Panasonic GF-1 that I used on the mountain.  The pics of the Matterhorn, among others, were taken with the GF-1.  GREAT quality in a relatively compact body.  Love it.































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  • steph

    holy amazing eye of talent, dana. finally got to these… love love love them. every one is beautiful. and everyone is beautiful. my faves are 4, 6, 16, 22, and of course 37.

  • over the top GORGEOUS!!!

  • Demet

    Beautiful photos!!!