Yearly Archives: 2010

It’s HOT in New York!  But so much fun.  From High Lines to Jersey BBQ’s to Broadway shows to Brooklyn butterflies, I feel like I got more than my money’s worth over the holiday weekend in the Big Apple.

  • Kathy Chappell

    Looking for inspiration for a big client tomorrow to do headshots and I searched for your site….so glad I found it again….FANTASTIC work you have, I just had to say!!!! It totally inpires me! I’m ready to shoot now. Not that it will look THIS good, but it makes me ready to try :) Beautiful work Dana. You have a girl, I’m happily married, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I would LOVE to meet you and talk photography one day…that would be the coolest!

Hooray!  I got my first image published this spring.  A UK-based digital photography magazine called Digital Camera Essentials ran it in a recent feature of reader images.   Pretty exciting.   For all the looking I did in bookstores on both coasts, I never found a paper copy.  Of course, I receive two of DCE’s sister magazines in the mail each month, but have never subscribed to DCE.   iPad to the rescue!  Now DCE has an app…that lets you download back issues…so I downloaded it at 2:30am PDT today.   The actual image can be found in the opening slideshow of my main site,  Dana’s Eye.  Now all I have to do is prove that it wasn’t a mountain of luck by making it happen again!

Malaya came out dressed to support from head to toe for San Francisco’s Gay Pride parade.  After a morning of marching, she made time in her busy schedule to meet up for lunch.  With mommy Heather.   She looks more like mommy every day (see final pic).

It took me a while to post these.  I wasn’t really happy with them.  Last weekend, I attended a Hip Hop dance competition called City vs City.  It was like something out of a movie.  If you have seen the movie “You Got Served” this competition really was just like the last dance scene in the movie (minus Lil Kim and the bright lights).  It was an interesting day, because I pretty much hated everything I shot while I was there.  But the day turned out to be a good thing for me.  First of all, it allowed me to try to shoot something that I’m just not at all good at capturing.  And second, it really was a good ego check.  I had been a little less humble about my skills with a camera lately.  Most of the photogs I know will agree that any sense of satisfaction with their images is completely ephemeral.  I think I’d like to restate it: if you love all your pictures, you’re not shooting enough.  Which has definitely been the case lately.  So I went and stunk up the joint to the tune of 1500 images.  These are some of my faves.   I really want to thank KBev for inviting me to tag along and for showing me some of his tricks to capturing the best action, even though I wasn’t able to come close to emulating his great photos.

  • Nice shots! Funny how alot of us techies ended up exploring our creative sides with more passion than what we majored in.