Monthly Archives: March 2010

Serene, Emma, and I made the quick trip up to Boise to get in some time with family and on the mountain.  Emma wasn’t interested in having her picture taken, but nobody else seemed to mind.  I was especially excited about taking some shots up on the hill with a camera that I’d never used before, the Canon S90.  I’d bought the camera for work but hadn’t really had a chance to take a look at what it could do.  All the outdoor shots here were taken with it, and I’m even more impressed with it than I was when I first read the reviews.  Not sure it could sub for the G11, but its definitely a ton of capability in a really small package.  I also took the liberty of adding a new panoramic of Bogus Basin ski area to the slideshow up above…a stitched image of 6 shots taken with the S90.

  • shal

    I love Bogus Basin. Used to ski it when I was a kid!

I haven’t decided what I want to make of this new blog.  Sometimes I think it should be a home for random thoughts, accompanied by pictures, but at other times I wonder whether confining it to professional shooting would be best.  For now, I’m just going to keep it as general as possible.  Speaking of being conflicted, I am definitely experiencing a little identity crisis about work.  It is getting to be an amazing amount of incredibly interesting work, but the emphasis belongs to its ridiculous volume instead of its engaging nature.  There seems to be lots of opportunity for me to take on a bunch more responsibility, but I am not sure about embracing that.  All kinds of pluses and minuses and no answers.  It reminds me of what a friend said once: “Do you want your ease now or do you want it later?”  Yes.

I was so glad to get home yesterday.  11 days on the road hasn’t been kind, and the work week is coming too fast.  I haven’t even had the energy to deal with the things that I’ve been neglecting for the past three weeks.  “Eventually” might be the answer to when I’ll clean the house, but its definitely not fit for dealing with other people.

  • Anastasia

    Some time ago I decided to build a website, where I could advertise my photography and writing skills. Not in a blog form, but rather a photographer’s portfolio style. I learnt use use complex website building tools, improved my photoshop skills and got top work. I was going to call my website “Photorious”. Ironic, but when I bumped into this website the other day, my anger for having waited so long and letting this great domain name be stolen from me vanished within the first few scrolls of the mouse. What an astonishing photographer you are. I’m nowhere near your level. I kept scrolling down and my envy was slowly turning into admiration. Your photographs are amazing. What else can I say? I wish I knew how you do it.
    I’m not a blog person, but I think yours is a great blog. Thank you for creating it.