Monthly Archives: February 2010

February 15, 2010. I definitely enjoyed my weekend without work….until I boarded my 6am flight this morning. Sometimes its pretty hard to see how great my work situation is. Especially when its as busy as the last few weeks have been. I’m hoping that when February ends, the pace will slow down. But in the meantime, it looks like I need to do some fancy shootin’ for a big project at the office…and quick. How lucky could I get?!

I spent this weekend in frigid New York City to celebrate our anniversary, spend some time with friends, and take a really, REALLY needed break from work. While Serene was grocery shopping, I negotiated a trashcan from the security guard to capture an HDR image of Lincoln Center. Lisa was kind and patient enough to put up with me blasting a flash in her face (at Panang, an upper west side restaurant), and Serene captured a great high contrast image of me that I couldn’t resist sharing.



I was contacted recently by someone with whom I have a mutual friend about getting some shots done for her job. Turns out we went to undergrad together. And business school. But had never met. The shoot was a great time and the shots came out ok, too. If only all shoots could be so fun and feel so easy.